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Account & User XEQs
Content originally gathered and formatted by Tim Ericson
Last updated Thursday October 04, 2007

PLEASE NOTE! The authors of these samples have donated them for the good of the HP3000 community. They have no liability regarding their work, in any manner, and have no further responsibility to continually upgrade their work. You may copy and use any of these samples, but do so at your own risk!

addcap.xeq - Adds new capabilities to current logon.

blduvol.xeq - Builds the "ACCTUVOL" file.

chkgrp.xeq - Reports mappings in the "ACCTUVOL" file.

homeuser.xeq - Lists users home groups.

listpass.xeq - Lists passwords for accounts and users.

setapass.xeq - Check or set account passwords (must be SM).

setgpass.xeq - Check or set group passwords (may not be complete or current).

setupass.xeq - Check or set user passwords (depends on caps).

showvol.xeq - Shows the Volume Set and Sectors used for each MPE account, group or posix directory.

udcvol.udc - Jeff Vance's NEWACCT, NEWGROUP, PURGEACCT, and PURGEGROUP replacement UDCs. Requires the ACCTUVOL file (see: blduvol.xeq).

volname.xeq - Returns the home volume set for group name given.

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