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Disc File XEQs
Content originally gathered and formatted by Tim Ericson
Last updated Thursday October 04, 2007

PLEASE NOTE! The authors of these samples have donated them for the good of the HP3000 community. They have no liability regarding their work, in any manner, and have no further responsibility to continually upgrade their work. You may copy and use any of these samples, but do so at your own risk!

accdays.xeq - Displays the number of days since file was accessed (requires days.xeq).

archive.xeq - Archive the specified file.

archive.xeq - Alfredo Rego's Archive command.

axsdate.xeq - Display filename, last access date, and sectors (requires axsdate2.xeq).

busy.xeq - Shows if a fileset is being accessed.

cntfiles.xeq - Counts the number of files in a fileset (requires cntfile2.xeq).

codecmd.xeq - Modify a file to have a filecode of '1' (uses BUILD, FCOPY, and RENAME) Note: listcmd.xeq will list any file with a filecode of '1'.

compare.xeq - Runs Robelle's Compare program on two files.

compress.xeq - Sets file limit to eof (uses BUILD, FCOPY, and RENAME).

cmadays.xeq - Displays the number of days since file was created, modified, AND accessed (requires days.xeq).

credays.xeq - Displays the number of days since file was created (requires days.xeq).

cp.xeq - Shortcut for the COPY command.

days.xeq - Returns the number of days since December 31, 1899 (in the RETURN_DAYS variable).

dbmake.xeq - Builds a database from a schema (runs DBSCHEMA and DBUTIL).

domain.xeq - If file exists, displays domain (temporary or permanent).

exists.xeq - Checks for file's existance (requires flyback.xeq).

fc.xeq - FCOPY shortcut.

fcompare.xeq - Uses FCOPY to compare two files.

fdomain.xeq - If file exists, displays domain (temporary or permanent).

fileage.xeq - Shows a file's age.

find.xeq - Find a file (within HPPATH).

flist.xeq - Lists and sorts files by either size or by last modify date.

ftpfetch.xeq - Transfer down a PC directory to the corresponding directory on the HP3000 (uses QEDIT!)

grepem.xeq - Uses grep to search a fileset for all occurrences of a search string.

grpcopy.xeq - Copies all the files in a fileset to a destination group (requires grpcopy2.xeq).

grppurge.xeq - Purge all the files in a fileset (requires grppurg2.xeq).

howbigis.xeq - Displays the total sectors for a fileset.

ksamrcvr.xeq - Recovers any CM mode KSAM files that may have been open during a system failure.

l.xeq - PRINT (view) any disc file NONSTOP.

lf.xeq - Shortcut for the LISTFILE command.

lfeq.xeq - Lists file equations that contain specified substring.

listcmd.xeq - LISTF,2 for command files with a filecode of '1' (requires listcmd2.xeq) Note: codecmd.xeq changes a file's filecode to '1'.

listcode.xeq - LISTF,2 for files with specified 'filecode' (requires listcod2.xeq)

listfx.xeq - Produces an extended 'listfile' output of a fileset.

lq.xeq - Shortcut for the LISTEQ command.

lt.xeq - Shortcut for the LISTFILE command - TEMP files only.

merger.xeq - Merges two files into a third file.

moddays.xeq - Displays the number of days since file was modified (requires days.xeq).

move.xeq - Moves a file from one group to another (uses RENAME).

movef.xeq - Moves a file from one group to another (fully qualified file names).

numsects.xeq - Returns the number of sectors of the largest file found.

p.xeq - PRINT (view) any disc file.

q.xeq - Run QUAD (MPEX hooked version) with optional text file and printer device.

quadt.xeq - Run QUAD with optional text file.

rel.xeq - RELEASE multiple files (brute force method).

replace.xeq - Replace an old file with a new one (PURGE and RENAME).

rm.xeq - PURGE multiple files (brute force).

rmt.xeq - PURGE multiple TEMPorary files (brute force).

say.xeq - Dumps the contents of an input file to the stdlist (ie: say < textfile).

sec.xeq - SECURE multiple files (brute force).

see.xeq - Uses FCOPY to view a file.

stripcr.xeq - Strips carriage returns from an input file.

tail.xeq - PRINT (view) the last 23 lines of any disc file.

vformcln.xeq - 'Cleans' a VPLUS forms file.

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