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Job/Session XEQs
Content originally gathered and formatted by Tim Ericson
Last updated Thursday October 04, 2007

PLEASE NOTE! The authors of these samples have donated them for the good of the HP3000 community. They have no liability regarding their work, in any manner, and have no further responsibility to continually upgrade their work. You may copy and use any of these samples, but do so at your own risk!

abj.xeq - Aborts specified job.

abortjob.job - Abortjob jobstream, courtesy John Zoltak.

aborts01.job - Aborts all users except those logged into the SYS account.

abs.xeq - Aborts specified session.

bj.xeq - Suspends a running job (BREAKJOB).

devid.xeq - Displays User/Job info based on selection criteria.

ipsess.xeq - Reports all network connections to the system (as long as the network connection creates CI.PUB.SYS).

jscount.xeq - Counts jobs and sessions by logon.

netusers.xeq - Lists SHOWCONN info for all remote users (requires SHOWCONN).

nsusers.xeq - Displays all VT users and their machine names.

onelogon.xeq - Prevents more than one logon for any user/account combination.

passmass.xeq randomizes the passwords of every account, group, and user on the system (ya gotta be careful with this one!) It calls passacct.xeq, which in turn runs QUAD and RNDPASS (both programs can be found at ftp.3kassociates.com).

rj.xeq - Resumes a suspended job (RESUMEJOB).

sessacct.xeq - Checks for logged on sessions.

showips.xeq - Lists selected sessions and their IP addresses.

showuser.xeq - List users by ldev or logon name (requires users.xeq and useru.xeq).

sjj.xeq - Uses SHOWJOB JOB=@J and GREP to list jobs.

smite.xeq - Aborts the session on the specified terminal.

spyjob.xeq - Displays the contents of a job that is running or still in the in-queue.

ss.xeq - Uses SHOWJOB JOB=@S and GREP to list sessionss.

submit.xeq - Gary Bigg's SUBMIT flexible STREAM script.

tellme.xeq - Sends a TELL message to the job's creator.

vtgrep.xeq - Uses LISTFILE and GREP to list VT sessions.

vtusers.xeq - Lists SHOWCONN info for remote VT users only (requires SHOWCONN).

whereis.xeq - Shows all logons for current (or specified) account.

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