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Miscellaneous XEQs
Content originally gathered and formatted by Tim Ericson
Last Modified: Thursday October 04, 2007

PLEASE NOTE! The authors of these samples have donated them for the good of the HP3000 community. They have no liability regarding their work, in any manner, and have no further responsibility to continually upgrade their work. You may copy and use any of these samples, but do so at your own risk!

adager.xeq - Runs the Adager database maintenance program.

blink.xeq - Displays a blinking "PLEASE WAIT!" on the terminal.

c.xeq - Changes current logon group (chgroup).

cd.xeq - Change directory (chdir + chgroup).

center.xeq - Displays a centered string on $STDLIST.

charset.xeq - Lists the characters in specified character set (for instance, line drawing characters)

chkeq.xeq - Search for an existing :FILE equation containing 'string'.

chkvar.xeq - Search for an variable containing 'string'.

close.xeq - Closes all open DSLINEs.

cls.xeq - Homes cursor and clears screen ([esc]H[esc]J).

conmsg.xeq - Displays the messages which were listed on the console during System Startup.

delsvar.xeq - Delete system-wide variables. (see also: svardoc.txt, setsvar.xeq, getsvar.xeq, and showsvar.xeq).

devwait.xeq - Returns status info for a device and/or wait for it to have a requested status..

discstat.xeq - Gives a pretty good representation of disc space overhead during the course of the business day, when called from its companion job, jdiscst.job.

df.xeq - Runs DISCFREE in various formats (requires dfa.xeq)

doftp.xeq - Creates and runs a job to FTP a file.

err.xeq - Displays the MPE error message for number specified.

errhelp.xeq - Searches catalog file for error code (requires exists.xeq).

error.xeq - Shows system error message (runs ERR.PUBXL.TELESUP).

exists.xeq - Checks for file's existence (requires flyback.xeq).

flyback.xeq - Erases previous N lines from screen.

getsvar.xeq - Retrieve system-wide variables. (see also: svardoc.txt, setsvar.xeq, delsvar.xeq, and showsvar.xeq).

getterm.xeq - Returns REFLECTION terminal emulator info.

hpto100.xeq - Change a terminal type from HP to VT100 ([esc]&k1\[esc][61"p).

hpto220.xeq - Change a terminal type from HP to VT220 ([esc]&k1\).

keys.xeq - Sets the function keys on an HP terminal.

logon.xeq - DenKor's Logon script (looks for the welcome1 file).

mpeposix.xeq - Converts an MPE name to an absolute POSIX pathname.

netstart.xeq - Shortcut for NETCONTROL START + NSCONTROL START.

netstop.xeq - Shortcut for NSCONTROL STOP + NETCONTROL STOP.

off.xeq - Closes DSLINEs and logs off (with BYE).

pingaddr.xeq - Lets you know if an IP address is valid or not.

pscreen.xeq - Captures the screen contents to a printer or disc file.

randlett.xeq - Returns a random letter.

randname.xeq - Returns a random 4-8 character random name.

randnum.xeq - Returns a random (0 to 999,999,999) number.

randnumb.xeq - Returns a random number.

randvar.xeq - Returns a mixed 4-8 character/number variable name.

screen.xeq - Changes the column width of your screen from 80 characters to 132.

sendhtml.xeq - Emails a text file or spoolfile after converting it to HTML (uses NetMail/3000)

setsvar.xeq - Set system-wide variables. (see also: svardoc.txt, getsvar.xeq, delsvar.xeq, and showsvar.xeq).

showsvar.xeq - List system-wide variables. (see also: svardoc.txt, setsvar.xeq, getsvar.xeq, and delsvar.xeq).

syslogr.xeq - Extracts, filters, and emails a report of console log records (intended for systems that run Syslog/iX and log other system's data to your 3000 console) (calls backdays.xeq -which calls daysof.xeq; sendhtml.xeq -which uses NetMail/3000; Quad and VESoft's VEAudit). See also localized control file syslogp.data

syslogon.udc - A sample system-wide logon UDC (calls logon.xeq).

termtype.xeq - Returns Primary Terminal Status (in variable "status").

test.xeq - Opens a device and sends a test message (with FCOPY).

v220tohp.xeq - Change a terminal type from VT220 to HP ([esc]&k0\).

validate.xeq - Validates a logon string.

validrfa.xeq - Validates a logon string using RFA.

varinfo.xeq - Shows information about a CI Variable.

welcome1 - DenKor's WELCOME message (used by logon.xeq).

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