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E-Mail Configuration: Dial-on-demand (anytime) Link

E-Mail Configuration: Dial-on-demand (anytime) Link

Email Configuration tips for an HP3000 with a Dial-on-demand Internet connection (via a dial-up router or similar device). Special configuration options include:

  • Your HP3000 should be configured with a default gateway in NMMGR.
  • Your HP3000 can be configured to point to a (DNS) nameserver though not absolutely necessary. If you DO use DNS, every time someone sends a message (actually every time they enter a remote mailbox address when sending a message) the link will open if it's not already open (as the DNS client verifies the hostname they entered).
  • You must configure a "trusted gateway" in NetMaint IF you choose not to configure the HP 3000 to be "DNS" aware. This will prevent the line from calling up as often.
  • You should schedule a job to trigger the opening of the link periodically to allow the Internet Access Provider's machine to download any incoming mail.
  • You should ensure that your Internet Access Provider configure DNS "MX" (mail exchanger) records such that the ISP's machine will accept mail if your system is not "on-line" (if the link is not up).

Note; most dial-up routers support the capability to dial automatically and establish the connection to the Internet whenever they detect a TCP/IP packet bound for a machine not on the local network. Typically they also allow a configurable "timeout" value so they will stay connected for a minimum time period even if no further TCP/IP traffic flows through the link.

Further, incoming mail flowing to your system from the Internet will fall into one of two conditions:

  • Your system is on-line (the link is up), then mail gets delivered directly to your system.
  • Your system is off-line (the link is down), and mail gets delivered to your ISP's system and queued for later delivery to your system.

In the second case above, most ISP systems are configured to either (1) try to deliver to your system (checking if it's on-line) every 5 or 10 minutes; or (2) configured to automatically start downloading queued e-mail messages as soon as your router logs into their server (i.e. when your link is established).

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