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How to prevent logon MANAGER.SYS;PARM=-1 on the HP3000 (override logon UDCs)

3.8. How to prevent logon MANAGER.SYS;PARM=-1 (override logon UDCs)


Some HP 3000 security packages rely on a system-wide logon UDC to protect the computer. Logon UDCs can be ignored if the user logs on with Parm=-1, which can potentially be a BIG security hole unless you have a patch from HP.

A new feature on MPE/iX 5.0 allows you to choose whether or not you can enforce logon UDCs by disabling the Parm=-1 option even for users with SM capability. You can turn this feature on in the Sysgen Misc section by doing the following:

    sysgen> misc
      misc> system enforcelogonudcs=ON
      misc> show system
      misc> hold
      misc> exit
    sysgen> keep
    sysgen> exit

The change does not take effect until the system is restarted with START NORECOVERY. Nice new feature.


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