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HP 3000 FAQ

A Bridge vs. a Router

4.2.1. A bridge vs. a router

In general, routers pass higher-level networking traffic (IP/IPX/AppleTalk and above -- on the OSI 7 layer model). Bridges carry lower-level protocols, including low-level broadcasts and routing queries. In practice, many modern models are hybrids (sometimes called "brouters") and can be configured to handle mixes of traffic levels. Routing is usually a slower operation as more intelligence is required; routers usually interpret the packets traveling over the wire and only pass those packets which the device on the other end of their router-link might need. Bridges on the other hand usually just pass all traffic coming in to all the other (outbound) interfaces; since there is no lookups or interpretations they can do this much faster, often at full interface speed (or close to it).


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