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Bridging and routing issues for HP3000s

4.2.2. DTC issues and routing Rules for routing DTC traffic

I understand MPE/iX will permit routable DTCs in some future version (Mid '95). I thought I saw a discussion regarding the rules of using this feature: Will I be able to route both old and new DTCs? Only new? Only old? Can I mix them? If so, what are the rules.


According to the new HP DTC Planning Guide:

Routable AFCP allows HP3000 Series 900 systems to connect to DTCs across a routed IP network. A front-end DTC acts as a protocol converter, converting UDP/IP to AFCP and vice-versa. The front-end DTC and its manager must be on the same LAN as the HP3000 system. [...snip...]

The DTC 72MX, DTC 16MX, or ARPA Telnet Express may be used as a front-end DTC. The DTC 72MX, DTC 16MX, DTC 16, or DTC 48 (with memory extension) may be used as a remote DTC. A Domain Name Server is needed to resolve addresses.

It requires MPE/iX 5.0 and OV DTC Manager 14.2.


In case anyone else besides me noted the obvious omission of the DTC16iX from the list, I'll save you the time of asking: the Response Center confirmed that the 'iX does not and will not support RAFCP - either as a front-end or remote.

I also asked if there were an upgrade kit from iX to MX and was told that there is none.


I asked the same question of my SE and got the following reply:

..... You will only need a new DTC (DTC72) on your local segment (the one the HP3000 is on ).


The purpose of this DTC is to strip the IP header and send the remaining AFCP (unroutable) information to the 3000.


All the remote DTC's can be on other segments and can be DTC 48's. There is a catch however, the remote DTC's will need to "see" the OpenView Workstation at the "MAC" level in order to get their downloads. This means that you will need to enable bridging on the router. Some routers allow selective bridging (only a select number of MAC addresses allowed to pass), and this is the desired way to go, so as to not defeat the whole purpose of routing. An alternative to this is having an OpenView Workstation on each segment were there are DTCs.

As an additional data point, The DTC/RX can download through a router (it uses TFTP) and may offer an alternative.


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