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HP 3000 FAQ

Downloading MPE files (using MOVER)

4.5.6. Downloading MPE files (using MOVER) from the WWW


*You need a (relatively recent) version of R1 (Reflection)

1) Using your web browser, save the file from jazz to your local pc/Mac
   [In some browsers you just click on the link; other browsers you may
    have to click the right-mouse button on the link to download]

2) Using R1, select file-transfer, hit the "Setup" button, then pick the
  "WRQ/Reflection" folder/card, and make sure "transfer type" is "binary".

3) then select the "attributes" button on that screen.
   Under "File Attributes" set the following boxes:
      Blocking Factor:[   1]
      File code:      [1030]
      (leave the others blank)
   Domain should have "permanent" selected
   Record type should have "binary" selected  (this is not the default)
   File type should have "standard" selected
   Record format should have "fixed" selected  (this is not the default)
   then select "ok" to close the attributes window
   and "ok" again to get back to the file transfer window

4) Name the destination file and transfer it to the host. When the transfer
   is complete, the file will be an executable NMPRG file.


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