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HP 3000 FAQ

Secure Protocols (SSH, SFTP, SSL, etc)

4.16. Secure Protocols (SSH, SFTP, SSL, etc)

4.16.1. SSH on the HP3000


I've put up an experimental and largely experimental version of OpenSSH for MPE/iX. Only the client-side tools work. Please give me feedback on any problems you may have.



I recently have been working on installing SFTP on a "virgin" system and there are several components missing to make it compile correctly. It is possible to get the binaries installed without too much effort. As time permits I have been working on a checklist of necessary pieces to complement Ken's instructions. If any one is interested drop me a line. But as far as I can tell it is still only providing SFTP client and not full SSH.


4.16.2. SSL on the HP3000


4.16.3. Secure web servers on the HP3000

WebWise was the official HP "product" which was a secure web server running on the HPe3000. However, with later releases of Apache/iX now supported by HP, the Apache/iX server on the HP3000 can support secure connections (SSL).


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