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HPe3000 FAQ

HP 3000 FAQ

What file editors are available on the HP3000

6.2. What editors are available


EDITOR.PUB.SYS comes with FOS. You get what you pay for. Also free (and much more useable) is QUAD - available through the CSL and other free software sources.

Third party offerings include Robelle's QEDIT, Ted Dasher's TED, Inclination Software's SpeedEdit, PSG's Facade co-editor, and WhisperTech's windows editor.

Now, using Samba/iX on your HP3000, you can also look into several PC-based editors to edit files directly on the HP3000. Just watch out for editors that don't know how to handle CRLF line terminators (as opposed to the PC convention of just CR characters, or the Unix LF line terminator character). Any file "kept" by such an editor will be a bytestream file, but most compilers can compile these files.

For those comfortable in the UNIX/POSIX environment, 'vi' can be easily setup (you need to create a keymap file) on the 3000 and used to edit bytestream files. If you use it to edit standard MPE files, you'll encounter a file system error if you try to add characters to the file beyond the current number of records in the file.


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