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HP3000 FAQ

HPe3000 FAQ

HP 3000 FAQ

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8. HP

8.1. What's a sales rep? (How do I buy stuff?)

Who knows, and you can't.


Nowadays, you most likely need to find a channel partner. The vendor directory on http://www.triolet.com/HPVend/hpvend.html contains a list of several.

8.2. How do I get information

Ditto (above) ;-)

The number is 1-800-224-HP3K (1-800-224-4735). This number can be used to get general information and also to subscribe to the "HP Advisor".

You can also find HP3000 related information at HP's Jazz web site - an HP3000 based web server run by HP exclusively to provide HP3000 specific information. http://www.jazz.external.hp.com/

8.2.1. On new products

Access HP is at:


8.2.2. On existing products


8.2.3. On peripherals


8.2.4. Technical questions on H/W or S/W

The HP3000-L mail list is probably the easiest and fastest way to get answers to questions about HP3000 related hardware or software. In addition to the hundreds of HP3000 users and administrators monitoring the list, there are also a number of HP response center engineers and HP lab/development personnel that monitor the list regularly.

Of course, if you have a support contract with HP, you can always call the HP Re sponse Center. 800 633-3600 (in the U.S.)

8.2.5. On HP Training programs

See www.hp.com.

8.2.6. On (HP endorsed) third-party products


8.2.7. Contributed Software


Also www.3kassociates.com/other/software.html has pointers to lots of free/public domain software.

8.3. Is there really a pricelist out there

See a reseller/channel partner.

8.4. How about demos of H/W or S/W


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