Ad and Resume Posting Instructions

Thank you for taking the time to read our little instruction page. This will help you get the most from your post and allow interested parties to contact you easily.

Topics covered here are the categories, overview , text attributes, hyperlinks, and mailto: tags.


This is a public service, maintained by volunteer efforts. As such, we do not have the resources to constantly police this area or it's posters. In that respect, abusive or repetitive(duplicate) postings will not be tolerated, and abusive postings will be deleted without notice and abusers may be automatically filtered from posting any further listings.

We do hope these postings will assist the HP3000 community - both those members looking for new positions, and those organizations looking to recruit qualified personnel for the HP3000 shops.

Your post is actually a HTML document. Meaning you are allowed to use SOME hypertext mark-up language (HTML), making your ad a mini web page. If you are familiar with HTML please be aware that we filter tags such as "BODY", "HTML", "TABLE"  and others that may have an adverse effect on performance or function. It is not uncommon among novice posters to make a post with some erroneous HTML code -- very often it is an unclosed <mailto> to <font> tag that ends up corrupting all the posts following that. PLEASE double check your code before posting! We don't have the resources to correct erroneous ads -- we'll most likely just delete the posting that caused problems. If you do post an erroneous ad, please let us know as soon as possible and we'll try and remove it as quickly as possible.

For those of you not familiar with HTML here is a quick overview. HTML documents are a series of tags that control the text or graphics between them. Tags have a beginning and an end (usually), so they get "turned on" and "turned off". For text control, you use the "font tag", for mail you use the "mailto" tag and so on.


Please observe the categories utilized and place postings in the appropriate category. Specific job areas are intended ONLY for specific postings describing jobs available in those categories -- NOT for generic ads for placement agencies. There is a specific category for placement agencies where those interested can post short plugs for the placement agencies -- include your URLs, e-mail addresses, and phone/fax numbers!

There is a specific area where job-hunters can submit summary info about their resumes. This is not intended to support multi-page complete resumes. Glaring/obnoxious HTML enhancements (at the sole discretion of the webmasters) will be grounds for deletion of the resume. Any resume posted in an inappropriate category will be promptly deleted and that poster may be restricted from ever submitting another resume to our servers.

Also, please avoid repetitive postings of the same ad/ads. If we observe the same ad being placed repeatedly, we will delete all occurrences of the ad from the server. Repeated abuse of the service will result in our having to ban the offenders from future posting.

Text Attributes:

The options are:

Here are a few examples of how you might use the font tag to enhance your ad:

Use This To Get This
<font size="6">TEXT</font> TEXT
<font color="red">TEXT</font> TEXT
<font color="blue" size="1">TEXT</font> TEXT
<font face="Comic Sans MS">TEXT</font> TEXT

IMPORTANT:  you must remember to include the closing tag (the </font>)...without this the rest of the page could theoretically be in your text preferences.  If this happens the ad will be deleted.


If you (or your company) have a web page, you can include a hyperlink that prospective employers/employees can follow in order to learn more about you or your company." This is very easy to do. 

<a href="">Your web address here</a>

With the above example "Your web address here" would display underlined and in blue text (usually).  When someone clicks on it your web page is loaded.

IMPORTANT:  you must remember to include the closing tag (the </a>)...without this the rest of the page could theoretically be linking to your web page.  If this happens the ad will be deleted.

"Mailto:" Tags:

If you have an email address it is a very good idea for you to put that at the end of your ad. This is a quick and easy job for you to do. Just type in the following, remembering to insert your email address in the appropriate place.

&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;;/a&gt;</p> <p>If the above example was used then only &quot;; would show up, looking very much like a hyperlink.&nbsp; People would then only need to click on that and their browsers email client would appear with your email address in the &quot;To:&quot; field.</p> <p><a href=""></a> is a working example (sending email to the webmaster at Springfield CyberLink).</p> <p><b>IMPORTANT:</b>&nbsp; you <b>must</b> remember to include the closing tag (the &lt;/a&gt;)...without this the rest of the page could theoretically be linking to your email address.&nbsp; If this happens the ad will be deleted.</p> </blockquote> <hr> <p align="center">Go back to the <a href="index.html">HP3000-Related Help Wanted Ads</a>.</p> <p align="center"><font size="1">c Copyright 1996 <a href="">Business CyberLink</a>, a Division of 3k Associates, Inc.</font> </p> </body> </html>