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The HP 3000

The Hewlett-Packard 3000 Series business computers (aka HPe3000):

Models range from desktop to mainframe class multiprocessors, all 100% source and object code compatible. With an operating system known for its robustness and capability for handling business-critical applications with very high throughput, the HP3000 has developed a loyal following of both users and software developers. Bundled with a powerful DBMS (Image/SQL), batch job capability, backup subsystem, and spooling control software, HP3000s are cost effective and reliable computing platforms, whether in host-based computing or client-server applications. With the POSIX .1 and .2 compatibility of the MPE/iX operating system, many Unix applications are now available for these machines as well - including the Apache web server, Samba file sharing system, Python, Perl and C++ programming languages, Bind (domain name server), and many others. Other applications are being ported regularly.

In November 2001 HP announced they would be ending sales and support of all HP3000 systems; with sales of new systems ending in 2004, and support ending in 2007.