3k Associates announces that it is making available a FREE version of its popular NetMail/3000 Internet-Aware electronic mail system for HP 3000 series computer systems.

As of April 1996, 3k Associates will make available on its world-wide web and ftp servers a FREE, 2-mailbox version of NetMail/3000 and associated manuals. NetMail/3000 is a fully-functional SMTP/MIME/POP2/POP3 compatible electronic mail system with a sophisticated menu-based user interface with user-defined folders and mailing lists and an accessible command-line interface. It has built-in context sensitive help, automatically uploads and downloads files from PCs (supports Reflection, MS92, AdvancedLink, and Business Session), and special multimedia capabilities for R1/Windows users.

NetMail/3000 will run on any HP 3000 system running MPE/iX 4.0 or later and can communicate with any other SMTP compatible mail system without any special hardware or software (releases prior to MPE/iX 5.0 require the LanLink product to communicate with other systems; this product is bundled with NS/3000 or ARPA Services).

The freeware release also bundles in POP2 and POP3 capability, so users can use popular PC or Mac graphical mail clients like Eudora (from Qualcomm), Microsoft Outlook, or Netscape's Navigator built-in e-mail client.

An easy-to-use administration program is included to set up and administer mailboxes. Mailboxes can be set up to auto-forward to printers, other mailboxes, fax devices, or be piped into user-defined command-file scripts.

Some benefits to HP 3000 users:

All HP 3000 sites can have the capability (for free) to communicate with the on-line HP 3000 user community to share ideas, suggestions, and solutions to business problems. Sites can access the HP3000-L mailing list, Interex, and Hewlett-Packard personnel and mailing lists, and can access HP's new electronic patch system to receive operating system patches electronically! (NetMail/3000 supports the patch format HP is using making it easy to receive patches via e-mail and save them onto the 3000 for installation.)

Support will be available via the "netmail-l@3kassociates.com" mailing list (best effort only); guaranteed technical support is available only with maintenance contracts (contact sales@3kassociates.com for details). 3k will NOT accept tech support calls for the freeware release without a support contract or consulting agreement.

New releases (including new features and bug fixes) will be posted to 3k's ftp and web sites, and users on the netmail-l mailing list will be notified.

Customers with the freeware version may be offered discounts if they choose to upgrade to a supported release. Supported software adds several capabilities including; batch access, more mailboxes, user-defined message filters, and 1 year unlimited tech support (which can be extended via a support contract).

Reflection, R1 c WRQ
MS92 c Minisoft
AdvancedLink c Hewlett-Packard Company
Business Session c Unison-Tymlabs
Eudora c Qualcomm
Netscape Navigator c Netscape Communications

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