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Internet Compatibility for HP Desk / HP OpenDesk

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Product no longer supported

HP OpenDesk sites will be glad to know that we offer the premier SMTP (Internet compatible e-mail) gateway for HP OpenDesk that operates entirely on your HP3000 (no additional hardware or software needed). Our gateway, called DeskLink, lets OpenDesk sites communicate directly with the Internet (or any SMTP compatible e-mail systems), and naturally supports the MIME standard for transporting binary attachments or text containing 8-bit characters - you shouldn't consider an e-mail package today that doesn't!

DeskLink is a high-performance native mode SMTP/MIME gateway that even outperforms HP's OpenMail gateway (in some configurations). It works with any firewall (or no firewall) and even includes "SPAM" prevention features to protect your organization. DeskLink integrates easily with cc:Mail, Microsoft Exchange/ Outlook, or HP OpenDesk clients - with many specially engineered features to allow HPOpenDesk clients seamless communication with the outside world.